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Shelton 2017/2018 season
Travel Tryout Results


Please be sure to check both the Travel & Premier results page

if your son or daughter attended the Premier Tryout (U12 and up)


ALL initial contact regarding your son or daughter's team
will be made by the Shelton Director of Coaching.



1. Rosters are subject to change pending player acceptance.

2. Teams will be listed in random order per age group.

3. Academy, Travel and Premier Players may be asked to “Play Up” an age level in certain circumstances each year based on roster sizes and player development.

These players would be placed on a roster with players a year older. Playing up in any given year DOES NOT guarantee that a player will play up in the following year.

Players who “Play Up” an age level may remain at that age level for 2 full years so that     they are playing at their age appropriate level.

The SYSO Board of Directors and the Director of Coaching reserve the right to make the final decision on which players “Play Up”.


Roster Acceptance

In order to accept your child’s roster spot you must make the initial tuition payment. 

First tuition payment is due by Friday, June 23rd  ($150). There is a late fee for payments received after June 23rd

Any rosters spots not accepted by Wednesday, June 28th, will be forfeited!


Second tuition payment is due by Monday, July 10th ($225).

Third and final tuition payment is due by Thursday, August 31st ($375).

We are only accepting payment on-line via credit card.   Payment via check is only with prior approval from the registrar.

To make payment and accept your roster spot please click on the link below. You will first be asked to Login using you  email and password.   If you do not recall your password then you can reset it.   If you are NEW you will have to first register yourself as the parent/guardian then the player(s).

Any questions about registration should be sent to the registrar at  registrar@sysonet.org





Information regarding the Shelton FC uniform kit for the 2017/2018 season will be announced in the upcoming weeks.   

All Questions about Uniforms should be directed to the Uniform Director - Jamie Rosa          


Any questions about anything not related to uniforms please email
the Shelton Director of Coaching - Stephen Bell   doc@sysonet.org@gmail.com



U9 Girls Orange (7v7)
Head Coach: Joel Law

U9 Girls White (7v7)
Head Coach: TBD

U9 Boys Orange (7v7)
Head Coach: Jamie Black

Ella Bacoulis
Alexandra Hanish
Emma Hanish
Giuliana Mallozzi
Sharan Manhas
Mackenzie Maybeck
Ava Piscioniere
Frankie Post
Stephanie Sanborn


Taylor Arnette
Jenna Gura
Sophia Humphries
Aylana Jensen
Valentina Lanzaro
Cianna Partak
Samantha Pisacreta
Lilly Telesmanick
Brigette Vojtek


Ryan Andrejczyk
Nicholas Choromanski
Samuel DeMartino
Ethan Goulart
Zachary Jansen
Jay Kneen
Aidan Lazaro
Gian Lee
Dylan O'Grady
Michael Onofrio
Jacob Parkosewich
Christian Valastro




U10 Girls Orange (7v7)
Head Coach: Stuart Taylor

U10 Girls White (7v7)
Head Coach: TBD

Natalie Bresnick
Eva Cela
Sarah Diaz
Shea Goode
Jackie Hanish
Chelsea Hartsburg
Ema Kojeli
Scarlett Kovarczi
Kailey Michaud
Liriana Naxhaku
Leah Sutcliffe
Abigail Ziegler

Sophia Allegro
Alexandra Calandro
Audrey Chrisman
Avery Drotos
Charlotte Hayslip
Maya Rafalko
Kathryn Recker
Emma Troesser
Abigail Troesser
Emma Verdicchio
Ashlie Zdru




U10 Boys Orange (7v7)
Head Coach: TBD

U10 Boys White (7v7)
Head Coach: Oren Tepper

U10 Boys Black (7v7)
Head Coach: TBD

Tyler Cayer
Anthony Chagas
Hunter Collins
Benjamin Conelius
Lucas Esteves
Colin Hartsburg
Daniel Leone
Ben Liberatore
Marco Mallozzi
Nicolas Okwaning
Nicholas Rodrigues
Marcelo Rosa

Joshua Agreda
Cooper Bacca
Luke Basso
Jacob Bauer
Luis Cardoso
Ryan Cowser
Mark Esteves
Leo Formato
Dante Lia
Mason Puttock
Jake Rios
Justin Sevillano
Kyle Wicker


Samuel Bialek
Cristiano Chaves
Liam Guelakis
Jayden Hylton
Sebastian Matei
Maxwell Mincey
Ayaan Naqvi
Matthew Naylor
Maxim Parent
Evan Pilkington
Michael Prancuk
Luke Recker
Henry Ricci


U11 Girls Orange (9v9)
Head Coach: Jamie Black

U11 Girls White (9v9)
Head Coach: TBD

Annabella Agreda
Isabella Buchetto
Kelly Caruso
Jacqueline Davidson
Cameron Drotos
Isabella Gracia
Olivia Jansen
Julia Kieley
Sofia Onofrio
Alina Palmieri
Sara Parker
Gabriella Pereira
Reese Vartelas 
Ella Welsh
Avah Adams
Lauren Dreyer
Hailey Frischstein
Olivia Jurgiewicz
Sofia Koury
Victoria Militello
Madisyn Moore
Ava Naclerio
Calla Partak
Stephanie Pinard
Samantha Post
Taylor Sloditskie
Harshita Upadhyay
Naomi Wolfe


U11 Boys Orange (9v9)
Head Coach: Jonny Ellis
U11 Boys White (9v9)
Head Coach: TBD
Mason Alpert
Alexander Baneat
Patrick Cavalieri jr 
Tommy Crenwick
Anthony D'Auria
John Dias
Connor Hackett
Mason Moore
Mateus Puttock
Shane Teixeira 
Alex Thelan
Joao Terrenas 
Matthew Tomcho
Anthony Buzzelli
Joao Candoso
Austin Cayer
Dominic Durante
Dillon Durante
Kevin Foley
William Hugya
Christian Jorge
Alex Kiely
Alexander Krijgsman
Alex Lukaszewicz
Mariano Mallozzi
Daniel Radwan



U12 Girls Orange Travel (9v9)
Head Coach: TBD
U12 Boys Orange Travel (9v9)
Head Coach: Joel Law
Madeline Bazso
Kate Neary
Noelle Burgess
Rochelle DeFeo
Katherine DeMartino
Makenzie Keri
Mia Koletsos
Lily May
Elizabeth Rollinson
Jennie Weiner
Allie Wurms
Reed Clomiro
Shane Fischman
Nicholas Gualtiere
John Kocot 
Michael Marino
Ezra Nkata
Arthur Oliveira
Liam O'Hara
Christopher O'Malley
Finnegan Riddle
Erik Romero
Nathan Schaible


U14 Boys Orange Travel (11v11)
Head Coach: Oren Tepper
Steven Andrejczyk
Julian Basta
Nicholas Carlucci
Ignacio Carro
Michael Caruso
Gregory Chagas
Nicholas Chevrette 
Wendell Eiderique
Nathan Foss
Stephen Hojnowski
Arvin Islam
Tyler Lupkas
Tristan Morton
William Quincy
Brendan Reilly
William Rodrigues
Michael Thomas