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Shelton 2017/2018 season
Premier Tryout Results (U12-U14)


Please be sure to check both the Travel & Premier results page

if your son or daughter attended the Premier Tryout (U12 and up)


ALL initial contact regarding your son or daughter's team
will be made by the Shelton Director of Coaching.  




1. Rosters are subject to change pending player acceptance.

2. Teams will be listed in random order per age group.

3. Academy, Travel and Premier Players may be asked to “Play Up” an age level in certain circumstances each year based on roster sizes and player development.

These players would be placed on a roster with players a year older. Playing up in any given year DOES NOT guarantee that a player will play up in the following year.

Players who “Play Up” an age level may remain at that age level for 2 full years so that     they are playing at their age appropriate level.

The SYSO Board of Directors and the Director of Coaching reserve the right to make the final decision on which players “Play Up”.


Roster Acceptance

In order to accept your child’s roster spot you must make the initial tuition payment. 

First tuition payment is due by Friday, June 23rd  ($150). There is a late fee for payments received after June 23rd

Any rosters spots not accepted by Wednesday, June 28th, will be forfeited!


Second tuition payment is due by Monday, July 10th ($325).

Third and final tuition payment is due by Thursday, August 31st ($475).

We are only accepting payment on-line via credit card.   Payment via check is only with prior approval from the registrar.

To make payment and accept your roster spot please click on the link below. You will first be asked to Login using you  email and password.   If you do not recall your password then you can reset it.   If you are NEW you will have to first register yourself as the parent/guardian then the player(s).

Any questions about registration should be sent to the registrar at  registrar@sysonet.org





Information regarding the Shelton FC uniform kit for the 2017/2018 season will be announced in the upcoming weeks.   

All Questions about Uniforms should be directed to the Uniform Director - Jamie Rosa          


Any questions about anything not related to uniforms please email
the Shelton Director of Coaching - Stephen Bell   doc@sysonet.org@gmail.com



U12 Girls Premier (9v9)
Head Coach: Steve Bell
U12 Boys Premier (9v9)
Head Coach: Jonny Ellis
Hannah Andrejczyk
Kristina Bratz
Sarah Damasceni
Tessa Kovarczi
Emily Meagher
Jenna McGuire
Mary Porto
Danielle Russo
Emily Shimdehieni
Jenna Staron
Laura Uhrynowski
Emily Wildman
Dylan Bauer
Declan Cosgrove 
Michael Fiatorone
Max Formato
Mark Freeman
Colton Friedman
Jason Martorella
Brandon Montefusco
Will Muir
Nikos Papanikolaou
Charles Pereira
John Quevedo
Alejandro Sorianp 
Owen Stevens


U13 Girls Premier (11v11)
Head Coach: Marvin Miller
U13 Boys (11v11)
Head Coach: Jan Ozman
Gianna Bacoulis
Elissa Campos
Ava Champagne 
Emily Codere
Alexandra Davidson
Athena Gruner
Megan Hunyadi
Audrey Kozak
Lia Leandres
Molly McNeil
Ava Meagher
Susan Porto
Kailey Roxo
Katie Splan
Melinda Taylor
Emma Walsh
Jessica Ziegler
Derek Bratz
Anthony Capra
Ethan D'Addio
Christian Demoura 
Nicholas DiCocco
Jackson Horwedel
Ryan Jurgiewicz
Dante Mallozzi
Mateos Martins
Arian Naxhaku
Ashton Nichols
Aidan O'Grady
Ethan Oko
Nicholas Schildknecht
Nolan Sevillano 
Adam Sobh


U14 Girls Premier (11v11)
Head Coach: Joe Gil
U14 Boys Premier (11v11)
Head Coach: Jan Ozman
Lily Bacca
Kayleigh Bartlett 
Mia Chen
Kayla Dalling
Mallory Doyle
Mia Ferreira
Adriana Franzese
Caitlin Gannon
Inis Kojeli
Maddigan Leifer
Tanya Muriel 
Autumn Murphy 
Ellie O'Rourke
Julia Pulley
Kendall Smith
Yasmin Tabora
Carly Zerella
Bekim Balidemaj 
Antonio Capomolla
Aayan Chaturvedi
Noah Doyens
Matthew Diaz
Anthony Fiatarone
Kujtim Gjonbalaj
Timothy Hilser
Juan Lopez
Connor McGuire
Matthew Moura-sanchez
Jake Pacacha
Benjamin Rhodes
Sami Sobh
Colin Viores